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The MeatBalls Master will bring to the Market a wider concept of the old Traditions of Italian Cuisine, making Italian and Continental Food more interesting in Authenticity, with the goal to provide enjoyment to people eyes and mouth, Targeting Quality and Innovation. MeatBall is surely The Queen of Our Table. As soon as We read the word " MeatBalls" most people have a clear idea of what it is, When you Think of MeatBalls you likely conjurer up an image of Glorious little orbs of Meat nestled atop it,and I am sure We all Love this great Traditional Dish. Whenever "Polpette" are brought to the table a feeling of joy is spread around, Soft, Tasty and Aromatic. In Our Restaurant the First Polpetteria, MeatBalls's House, 1021 Cathcart Rd, Glasgow, We are bringing to You The MeatBalls in a great choice of taste, many different kinds, in a variety of sauce, also available to take away. With such a name MeatBalls offer what it promise: an immediate sense of fullfilment.

First of all I must thank my Mother, I used to watch her in the Kitchen while preparing a choice of delicioius dishes with simple ingredients, and naturally the MeatBalls as well. I became a privileged spectator of daily traditions which unwittingly as turned out to be a lesson without equals for me, without being awere of it, I fell in Love with the process of cooking food according its Tradition and authenticity, before I fully understood the importance of gastronomy. As in other food choice, Like Pizzas, Pastas or Breads I strongly believe that Our MeatBalls, with the Innovative variety of taste, now deserve a prominent place on our Tables. Even Today " I will end my last MeatBall into two pieces, and I will eat it at different times, I do not want finish them!"